BSN for Veterans

Important dates

  • July 01, 2024

    VBSN Information Session: BSN for Veterans (Virtual)

    July 01, 2024

    VBSN Information Session: BSN for Veterans (Virtual)

Students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and we welcome the benefits that a diverse student body brings not only to the college but ultimately to the profession of nursing. In particular, students who have served in the U.S. military bring a perspective that helps us best understand and care for the needs of their fellow veterans. Because we believe so strongly in the diversity of our student body, our holistic admission process looks at each individual applicant as just thatan individual. 

Holistic admission is a competitive and thorough process that considers not only a critical evaluation of grade point averages and test scores, where applicable, but also includes proof of military service and a completed essay form submitted by the applicant describing the personal attributes and experiences that they feel would support their admission. This entire package is what the Undergraduate Admission Committee uses to determine which students will best fit the program. 

Complete a request for information to immediately receive a link to a pre-recorded information meeting. It is strongly suggested that you view the appropriate information meeting, which covers admission requirements and program curriculum in detail, prior to applying for admission. You are invited to attend a live question and answer session after viewing a pre-recorded session.

Pre-admission advising

We encourage prospective students to work directly with the Office of Student Affairs to learn more about how your previous studies have prepared you for the Veterans’ BSN program. Both WSU students and prospective students can use the STARS system to make an appointment for a virtual or in-person advising session (prospective students will need to make an account; all students will need to select “Explore Nursing – Second Career/Degree Pathway” to find availability for an appointment). In preparation for your appointment, be sure to have your transcript information ready so your advisor can make appropriate course recommendations for a successful application to the VBSN program.

Prerequisite courses

Make sure you have reviewed the prerequisite courses that must be completed before you apply.

  • BIO 2270 + 2271 or BIO 2200: Microbiology* (BIO 1050 and/or BIO 1510/1511 may be needed as a prerequisite)
  • BIO 2870: Anatomy & Physiology (BIO 1050 and/or BIO 1510/1511 may be needed as a prerequisite)
  • CHM 1020: Survey of General Chemistry or CHM 1060: General, Organic and Biochemistry*
  • PSY 2400: Developmental Psychology or PSY 2410: Health Psychology* (PSY 1010 or PSY 1020 may be needed as a prerequisite)
  • NFS 2030: Nutrition and Health
  • NUR 2030: Pathophysiology Related to Nursing Practice** (NUR 2030 can be completed during the winter semester prior to the start of the program. For applicants who do not complete this course by the end of the fall semester, this course will not be calculated in the overall prerequisite GPA.)
  • Social Inquiry (SI)***
  • Cultural Inquiry (CI)***

*Applicants may choose course. However, if a grade below "C" is earned in one course and the applicant takes the other in order to meet the requirement, it will count as a repeat.

**Equivalent transfer courses will only be accepted from 4-year institutions with an accredited nursing program or professional health program (ex. OT, PT, Medical School).

***SI and CI courses can be met by completing or transferring an equivalent course, as listed on the Inquiry Course Group Requirements page. SI and CI courses are exempt from the fourteen-year expiration policy.

Prerequisite transfer guide

The College of Nursing evaluates courses from other institutions based on guidelines and requirements established by the college. These evaluations take precedence over evaluations by other departments or the university transfer credit department. Please note: prerequisites taken at another institution must transfer to WSU exactly as the courses listed above.

  • College of Nursing Prerequisite Transfer Guide - BSN
  • The above PDF guide is not exhaustive of the course options transferrable from local colleges. Please use the Transfer Credit Evaluation website to find the equivalent courses offered through other colleges and universities, including those outside Michigan. If a course you have already taken cannot be found using these tools, please do not hesitate to reach out to the College of Nursing to verify transferability.

Steps to Apply to the College of Nursing

Step 1: Apply to WSU and the College of Nursing

To be eligible to apply to the BSN for Veterans pathway, you must be a United States military veteran entering professional nursing for the first time. Applying to the College of Nursing is a two-step process. You must first apply and gain admission to Wayne State by December 1. You should apply as a transfer student and select Nursing (Pre-Nursing) as your major. Following admission to Wayne State, you must then apply directly to the College of Nursing via the online secondary application and select the BSN for Veterans pathway, which opens in August. The deadline to apply to the BSN for Veterans pathway and submit all required documents is February 15.

Step 2: Submit supplemental material

When completing the College of Nursing Secondary Application, applicants must also include supplemental materials, which can be uploaded to your AppStatus page. Failure to submit all supplemental materials will result in your application not being reviewed. These materials include: 

  • Application Fee: VBSN students DO NOT have to pay the $50 nursing application fee. Please disregard this requirement on your AppStatus page.
  • Essay Questions: Applicants must submit answers to the following prompts. Each response is to not exceed 250 words. Upload a completed College of Nursing Application BSN Essay Form to your application.
    1. Describe a leadership experience that you have had (i.e., work, school, team) and/or led an initiative/ campaign to generate change and/or interest and discuss what you learned from this experience. Personal attributes of a leader include inquisitiveness, ambition, empathy and problem-solving abilities. Include a description of the leadership qualities that you possess and how they will assist you with success in the nursing program.
    2. The College of Nursing's mission statement states:
          We create and translate knowledge and educate a diverse student body prepared to excel as clinicians,
          scholars and leaders who improve health in local and global communities.

      How does your passion for nursing align with the mission of the college? Describe any experiences that you have had with diverse groups of people (or people who are different from you in some way). What did you learn from this experience?
    3. Courage, resiliency, and an ability to overcome adversity are important characteristics for success in the College of Nursing. Describe a time when you were faced with a difficult situation. How did these traits contribute to successfully achieving your goals?
    4. Describe how your health care or military experiences have contributed to your desire to become a nurse.
  • Prerequisite GPA and course verification: Applicants must provide proof of completing and meeting the prerequisite requirements via official transcript(s) provided to WSU (see directions on how to provide official transcripts in Step 4). BEFORE APPLYING, please verify:
    1. Each course meets the minimum “C” grade.
    2. That the term in which each course was taken does not exceed January 2010 (14-year expiration date).
    3. Each course transfers directly to WSU as an EXACT equivalent course (if taken at another institution).
    4. All 8 prerequisite courses have a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA.

Please use the VBSN Prerequisite & GPA Verification Checklist to check that each of these requirements is met prior to submitting your application. See Step 3 below for a full list of prerequisite requirements.

  • Proof of Military Service: VBSN students are to upload proof of military service under the "Healthcare Related Service Experience Form" requirement in the application portal. Acceptable documents are a Discharge Certificate (DDFm214) or a current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).

Step 3: Academic requirements and prerequisite courses     

To be eligible to apply to the BSN for Veterans pathway:

  • You must have a minimum 3.0 GPA (based on prerequisite courses only).
  • You must have a minimum grade of "C" or higher in all prerequisite courses. Note: Pass/No Pass (P/N) and Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grades are not accepted by the College of Nursing.
  • Prerequisite courses may not be older than 14 years by the application deadline. For the 2024 cohort, courses taken prior to January 2010 will not be accepted. SI/CI requirements do not expire.
  • Preference is given to science prerequisite courses taken at WSU.
  • Credit by exam:
    • College Level Examination Program (CLEP):
      • CLEP exams taken to replace an existing grade (grade less than C) will count as a repeat.
      • A maximum of one CLEP exam may be used to substitute a prerequisite.
    • AP credits or official scores for the ACT/SAT or CLEP exam must be sent to and received by the College of Nursing no later than February 15.
    • AP, ACT/SAT, and CLEP scores older than 14 years at time of application deadline will not be accepted.
  • English Proficiency:
    • Non-native students whose prior bachelor’s degree was earned outside the US may need to provide proof of English proficiency. Countries exempt from English proficiency by exam can be found on the WSU international student English proficiency requirement page. If the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required, the minimum accepted scores for the College of Nursing are higher than those listed by WSU. You will need to provide scores at the following level: 101 total score with a minimum of 25 in Listening, 25 in Reading, 25 in Writing and 26 in Speaking.
    • If you have earned any degree from an accredited US college or university (associate’s, bachelor’s, or graduate), you are exempt from providing proof of English proficiency.

Use the VBSN Prerequisite & GPA Verification Checklist to make sure you’ve taken all the courses needed and that your prerequisite GPA meets the 3.0 minimum.

Step 4: Submit official transcripts

Courses completed at WSU are already provided as part of your student profile. WSU transcripts are not necessary.

Applicants who are transferring courses from another institution and have not yet had official transcripts sent should request official transcripts be sent to or have them mailed to:

Wayne State University
Transfer Credit Evaluation
P.O. Box 02759
Detroit, MI 48202-0759

If you are taking courses during the fall semester (August-December) of the application year, all final transcripts with posted grades must be sent directly to the College of Nursing. Transcripts must be received by the College of Nursing by February 15. Official transcripts may be emailed to

BSN for Veterans applicants can visit the following websites to request official military joint service transcripts:

Additional information and important dates for the 2024 cohort 

All updates and communications from the College of Nursing will be sent to the Wayne State University email account. It is important to check this account regularly for updates regarding registration and other information. After applying, applications can be monitored by checking the AppStatus page. Contact us at if there are any discrepancies. Prerequisite courses are manually entered on the AppStatus page, however it is the responsibility of the applicant to verify the AppStatus page accurately reflects their academic history.

Important dates

Sept. 2023

College of Nursing BSN applications open.

Dec. 1, 2023

Transfer students must be admitted to Wayne State University.

Feb. 15, 2024

College of Nursing Secondary Application (online) and College of Nursing Application BSN Essay form.

March 31, 2024

Admission decisions made no later than this date.

April 2024

REQUIRED Veterans BSN Orientation – exact date TBD.
May 3, 2024 First day of Veterans BSN program (spring/summer semester start).
June 1, 2024 Final transcripts showing completion of prerequisite courses DUE (if conditionally admitted).


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Dana Johns

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  • BSN for Veterans students
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