Founded in 1945, the Wayne State University College of Nursing is one of the nation's premier institutions for nursing education, and we pride ourself on the diversity of our student body. Our students come to the Wayne State University College of Nursing from all walks of life, and our degree programs prepare them to thrive in a variety of nursing careers. Our graduates enrich and advance health care throughout the world through research; education; and delivery of skilled, compassionate care to patients of all ages and cultures. They play a crucial role in addressing and reducing health disparities in Detroit and other urban areas throughout the country. Our alumni are prominent researchers, deans, professors and clinical nurse leaders in the United States and worldwide. Learn more about the college's mission, vision and values.

The college is located on Wayne State's main campus in Midtown Detroit in the Cohn building, one of 100 buildings on over 200 acres and is one of Michigan's safest campuses. Wayne State University is dedicated to preparing students to excel by combining the academic excellence of a major research university with the practical experience of an institution that by its history, location and diversity represents a microcosm of the world we live in. Learn more about Wayne State.