Holistic Admissions Statement

Admission to the College of Nursing is a competitive process. However, we know that students come from different backgrounds and experiences. We welcome the benefits that a diverse student body brings not only to the college but ultimately to the profession of nursing. That's why we look at each individual applicant as just that an individual.

Use of a holistic and inclusive approach allows the Undergraduate Admission Committee to consider not only your grade point average and standardized test scores, but also the information provided through your freshman essay. For example, consideration of your experiences and involvement in community service are taken into account when determining admission.

Students also complete a holistic admission process through the College of Nursing. The holistic admission process includes not only a critical evaluation of these same metrics, but also includes a requirement for community service, and an essay submitted by the applicant detailing any personal attributes and experiences that the applicant feels would support their admission to the College of Nursing. The entire application packet is evaluated by an admission committee composed of faculty from the undergraduate program.