Dr. Erik Carter, PhD, MS, APRN, CNS, CCRN-A, PHN

Dr. Erik Carter, PhD, MS, APRN, CNS, CCRN-A, PHN

Director of Undergraduate Programs-College of Nursing, Course Coordinator NUR 3010: Medical-Surgical Nursing, Assistant Professor-Clinical

146 Cohn
313-577-6949 (fax)

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Mallary Lund


Office hours

Thursday 1130 to 1230 or by appointment

Dr. Erik Carter, PhD, MS, APRN, CNS, CCRN-A, PHN

Bio Sketch

Dr. Carter's clinical experiences shaped the foundation for his platform of research. Prior clinical positions were in acute and critical care cardiovascular nursing. Dr. Carter has provided nursing care to patients from various ethnic and socioeconomic groups with cardiovascular disease and its sequelae. Cardiovascular and chronic genetic conditions have a strong heritable component, but the environment and individual factors also influence the disease course. This knowledge provided Dr. Carter with an understanding of cardiac ion channel conditions' compound nature, including the importance of environmental and individual factors on the progress and development of distinct disease entities. Dr. Carter has recently expanded his research interest to include increasing andragogic and technologic teaching modalities to improve student's critical thinking, critical reasoning, and clinical judgment in undergraduate nursing programs. These evidence-based strategies are accomplished through the utilization of innovative teaching constructs.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, 2015 (University of California, San Francisco)
    • Dissertation Title: “Electrocardiographic and Genetic Idiosyncrasies and their Implications for Heart Transplantation”
  • Master of Science (Cardiogenomics), 2008 (University of California, San Francisco)
    • Major in Nursing Cardiogenetics
    • Minor in Nursing Education
  • Board of Registered Nursing, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, APRN, current since 2008 (CA, MI)
  • Board of Registered Nursing, Registered Nurse, RN current since 1990 (CA, MI)
  • Public Health Certification, current since 1990 (CA)
  • Critical Care Registered Nurse Certification, current since 1992 (AACN)
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist (Cardiogenomics), current since 2008 (CA, AACN)
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist Certification, 2014 (CA, MI, AACN)
  • Basic Cardiovascular Life Support (BCLS), certification current since 1990
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, certification 1992
  • Emergency Neurological Life support certification, 2016


Research Interests

Cardiac ion channelopathies, genetics, epigenetics electrocardiography, heart transplantation, gene-environment interactions, electrocardiography, cardiac surgery, cardiac transplant, genomics, cardiac genotypes, cardiac phenotypes, cardiac rhythms, sudden cardiac death, health compliance, health adherence, cardiac epidemiology, cardiac research, cardiac ion channelopathy, social determinates of health, social justice and diversity. Andragogic and technologic teaching modalities, critical thinking, clinical reasoning and clinical judgment.

Clinical Area(s) of Expertise

electrocardiography, channelopathies, genomics, genetics, critical care, heart failure, heart transplantation

Selected Publications


Hickey, K.T., Sciacca, R.R., Chen, B., Drew, B., Castillo, C., Pickham, D., Carter, E.V., Castillo, C., & Doering, L.V. (2018). Electrocardiographic correlates of acute allograft rejection among heart transplant recipients. American Journal of Critical Care, 27:145-150). doi: 10.4037/ajcc2018862

Hickey, K.T., Doering, L.V., Chen, B., Carter, E.V., Sciacca, R.R., Pickham, D., Castillo, C., Hauser, N.R., & Drew, B. (2017). Clinical and gender differences in heart transplant recipients in the NEW HEART study. Eur J Cardiovasc Nursing, Mar; 16(3):222-229. PMID: 27189203.

Hickey, K.T., Sciacca, R.R., Carter, E.V., Castillo, C., Chen, B., Doering, L.V., Pickham, D., & Drew, B.J. (2016). QTc Prolongation May Be a Late Biomarker of Orthotopic Heart Transplantation (OHT) Rejection. J Electrocardiol, Nov - Dec; 49(6):928-929. PMID: 27968785. 

Carter, E.V., Hickey, K.T., Pickham, D.M., Doering, L.V., Chen, B., Harris, P.R., & Drew, B.J. (2012). Feasibility and compliance with daily home electrocardiogram monitoring of the QT interval in heart transplant recipients. Heart Lung, Jul-Aug; 41(4):368-73. PMID: 22459508; PMCID: PMC3387335.

Honors and Awards

  • American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) Educational Advancement Scholarship, 2006- 2007, 2007-2008
  • American Association of Colleges of Nursing/ California Endowment (AACN/CE) Minority Faculty Scholarship, 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010
  • UCSF School of Nursing (SON) Dean’s Fellowship, 2008-2009, 2009-2010
  • SON Travel Award, 2009-2010
  • CTSI NIH Fellow-TL1, 2010-2011
  • Hubert Bell Allen Scholarship, 2012-2013

Courses Taught

  • NUR 3010 Restorative Care of Adults and Elders with Acute Illness
  • NUR 4040 Leadership and Management in Nursing
  • NUR 5993 Writing Intensive

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