BSN Second Career/Degree

The College of Nursing's BSN Second Career/Degree (CD2) pathway is designed for students with a bachelor's in another discipline who are looking to pursue a nursing career. This program combines on-campus teaching from expert faculty, community-focused research in our laboratories and clinical experiences throughout the Detroit area. BSN students are guaranteed clinical placement each semester. Students are admitted once a year in the spring/summer semester for this accelerated pathway, which allows them to complete their nursing studies in 20 months (five semesters). 

Important dates


Applicants are eligible to apply to the BSN Second Career/Degree pathway if they are entering nursing for the first time and have completed a bachelor's degree. Students are eligible to apply for entry into the professional program after having completed the specific prerequisite courses with a grade of "C" or higher in each course. Prerequisite courses may be no older than seven years by the application deadline.

CLEP exams taken to replace an existing grade (grade less than C ) will count as a repeat. A maximum of one CLEP exam may be used to substitute a prerequisite. Any AP credits or official scores for the ACT/SAT or CLEP exam must be sent to and received by the college no later than June 1. AP, ACT/SAT, and CLEP scores older than 7 years at time of application deadline will not be accepted. Maximum of one CLEP exam can be used to substitute a prerequisite course.

Applicants must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or higher in the required prerequisite courses and all of the courses completed by Jan. 31 to be considered for admission. Admission to the program is highly competitive; successful completion of prerequisite courses does not guarantee admission.

The following courses/requirements are prerequisites for admission consideration for the BSN Second Career/Degree pathway with the College of Nursing. Courses transferred to Wayne State University must be an exact equivalent to the listed prerequisites below.

Prerequisite Courses

  • BIO 1510 – Basic Life Mechanisms
  • BIO 2200 – Microbiology
  • BIO 2870 – Anatomy & Physiology
  • CHM 1060 - General, Organic and Biochemistry OR CHM 1020 – Survey of General Chemistry (Inorganic)
  • PSY 2410 – Health Psychology or PSY 2400 – Developmental Psychology*
  • NFS 2030 – Nutrition and Health
  • NUR 2030 – Pathophysiology**
  • Social Inquiry (SI)***
  • Cultural Inquiry (CI)***

*Candidates may take one or the other course; however, if you receive a grade below a "C" in one course and take the other in order to meet the requirement, it will count as a repeat.

**Equivalent transfer courses will only be accepted from 4-year institutions with an accredited nursing program or professional health program (ex. OT, PT, Medical School).

***SI and CI courses can be met by completing or transferring in equivalent courses listed on the Inquiry Course Group Requirements page. SI and CI courses are exempt from the seven-year expiration policy.

Prerequisite Transfer Guide

The College of Nursing evaluates courses from other institutions based on guidelines and requirements established by the college. These evaluations take precedence over evaluations by other departments or the university transfer credit department. Please note: prerequisites taken at another institution must transfer to Wayne State University exactly as the courses listed above.


First semester (spring/summer)

Course Credits
NUR 2010 - Health Assessment: History Taking and Physical Exam 3
NUR 2060 - Nursing Implications of Drug Administration 3
NUR 4300 Nursing Informatics  3
Total: 9

Second semester (fall) 

Course Credits
NUR 2050 - Supportive Measures for Basic Care Needs (C) 5
NUR 2995 - Special Topics in Foundations of Professional Nursing 3
NUR 3405 - Introduction to Research and Evidence-based Practice 3
NUR 4800 Transcultural Health Through the Life Cycle 3
Total: 14

Third semester (winter)

Course Credits
NUR 3010 - Restorative Care of Adults and Elders with Acute Illness (C) 5
NUR 3015 - Restorative Care: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Across the Life Span (C) 5
NUR 4020 - Integrative Care of the Perinatal Family (C) 5
Total: 15

Fourth semester (spring/summer) 

Course Credits
NUR 3020 - Restorative Care of Adults and Elders with Chronic Illness (C) 5
NUR 4010 - Integrative Care of Children and their Families (C) 5
NUR 4040 - Leadership and Management in Nursing Practice (C) 4
Total: 14

Fifth semester (fall) 

Course Credits
NUR 4050 - Theory of Caring for Complex, Critically Ill Patients (C) 3
NUR 4060 - Synthesis of Core Nursing Knowledge 5
NUR 4120 - Community-focused Nursing Practice (C) 5
Total: 13

Total Nursing credits: 65

(C) = Clinical course


Director of Undergraduate Nursing Programs


BSN Recruiter and Academic Services Officer - Prospective Students

Amanda Palma, MSEd, prospective students for all BSN pathways

BSN Academic Services Officers - Current Students

Gregory Sikora, MEd, current Traditional BSN, BSN Direct Admit for Freshmen students

Felicia Grace, EdD, current BSN Second Career/Degree, BSN for Veterans, and RN to BSN students