BSN Second Career/Degree

The College of Nursing's BSN Second Career/Degree (CD2) pathway is designed for students with a bachelor's in another discipline who are looking to pursue a nursing career. This program combines on-campus teaching from expert faculty, community-focused research in our laboratories and clinical experiences throughout the Detroit area. BSN students are guaranteed clinical placement each semester. Students are admitted once a year in the spring/summer semester for this accelerated pathway, which allows them to complete their nursing studies in 20 months (five semesters). Learn more about this BSN pathway and get answers to all your questions by attending an upcoming information meeting.

Important dates

  • July 01, 2024

    BSN Second Career/Degree (CD2) Information Session (Virtual)

  • July 25, 2024

    BSN Second Career/Degree (CD2) Information Session (Virtual)


First semester (spring/summer)

Course Credits
NUR 2010 - Health Assessment 3
NUR 2060 - Nursing Implications of Drug Administration 3
NUR 4800 - Transcultural Health Through the Life Cycle 3
Total: 9

Second semester (fall) 

Course Credits
NUR 2050 - Fundamentals of Nursing Care (C) 5
NUR 2995 - Foundations of Professional Nursing 3
NUR 3405 - Introduction to Research and Evidence-based Practice 3
NUR 4300 - Nursing Informatics 3
Total: 14

Third semester (winter)

Course Credits
NUR 3010 - Comprehensive Nursing Care of the Adult I (C) 5
NUR 3015 - Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing (C) 5
NUR 4020 - Integrative Care of Women's Health and the Perinatal Family (C) 5
Total: 15

Fourth semester (spring/summer) 

Course Credits
NUR 3020 - Care of the Adult II (C) 5
NUR 4010 - Integrative Care of Children and their Families (C) 5
NUR 4040 - Leadership and Management in Nursing Practice (C) 4
Total: 14

Fifth semester (fall) 

Course Credits
NUR 4050 - Care of the Critically Ill Patient 3
NUR 4060 - Synthesis of Core Nursing Knowledge (C) 5
NUR 4120 - Community-focused Nursing Practice (C) 5
Total: 13
Total Nursing credits: 65

* (C) indicates that there is a clinical component to the course.

The curriculum design is for informational purposes and is subject to change by the College of Nursing. Contact your Academic Services Officer to develop an individualized Plan of Work.

Program requirements

Once admitted into the College of Nursing, students must meet the following requirements to maintain "good academic standing" in the program:

  • A cumulative University GPA of 2.0 or above.
  • A grade below a "C" in a professional nursing course is unsatisfactory for progression.
  • A maximum of one nursing curriculum course within the program may be repeated.



Director of Undergraduate Nursing Programs


Academic Services Officer

Dana Johns

  • BSN Second Career/Degree students
  • BSN for Veterans students
  • Admitted graduate students