Poster services

The Office of Health Research provides scientific poster design and printing services to College of Nursing Faculty and Students who are participating in national or regional conferences.

Before placing an order

College of Nursing students must complete an OHR Poster Request Form and have it signed by their faculty advisor. All posters must be reviewed and approved by the faculty advisor. Please note that after submission, only minor changes will be made to the poster.

If you would like us to design the poster, please prepare and submit your content on unformatted Power Point slides.

A College of Nursing template (PPT) is available from your faculty advisor if you would prefer to prepare the poster. Larger templates are available upon request through Liza Jenuwine at

Content guidelines

Maximum number of slides for the desired poster size
Poster Size* Number of Slides
3 ft x 4 ft 12 slides + title slide
3 ft x 5 ft 15 slides + title slide
3 ft x 6 ft 15 slides + title slide
3 ft x 7 ft 18 slides + title slide
3 ft x 8 ft 21 slides + title slide
3 ft x 9 ft 24 slides + title slide

*Note: These are the only poster sizes available for print through OHR.

  • The title slide should contain the title of the poster, names of all authors and their affiliations.
  • The content slides should be concise and relevant.
  • Use bullet points, numbered lists or paragraphs for each new idea.
  • When including tables, figures or pictures in a poster presentation, place only one of these objects per slide.
  • If you want to include graphs, you can have several panels on the same slide when appropriate.

When your poster is ready for printing, follow the instructions below.

Placing an order

Due to the high cost of poster printing, there will be no reprinting if mistakes are found in the finished product. Please review and proofread before submission and again before printing authorization.

Email your slides and the signed and completed OHR Poster Request Form to: Liza Jenuwine at being sure to copy Dr. April Hazard Vallerand at

A draft of your poster will be emailed to you for a final check before printing.  Please review and respond promptly to this email to authorize printing.


Once printed, you will receive an email notification that your poster is ready for pick up at the College of Nursing. We are located in room 317, Cohn Building, 5557 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202.

Submission deadline

The submission deadline for slides and posters is two weeks before you intend to pick up your poster.