Research services for faculty


For assistance editing your manuscript or proposal, please reach out to Dr. Janna Roop at and be sure to provide one to two weeks notice.

IRB applications

For assistance with an IRB application, please reach out to Senior Research Assistant Dr. Liza Jenuwine at Please be sure to input a majority of the information (protocol, procedures, risk info, etc.). Dr Jenuwine is available to assist with uploading attachments, completing forms and advising on various types of applications.  

Abstracts and online library datasets

For assistance with pulling abstracts from online library datasets for literature reviews for research manuscripts or proposals, please contact Dr. Liza Jenuwine at

Data entry or management

For assistance with data entry or data management for research, please contact Dr. Liza Jenuwine at

Designing and monitoring Qualtrics surveys

For assistance designing and/or monitoring Qualtrics surveys, please contact Dr. Liza Jenuwine at

Use of tablets and/or hotspots

To utilize tablets or hotspots in sites where WiFi is otherwise not available or reliable for on- or off-site online data collection activities, Please complete an OHR equipment request form and send it to Dr. Liza Jenuwine at After submitting the form, please reach out to Dr Jenuwine about checking out tablets and training.

Audio computer-assisted self-interviewing (ACASI) software

For assistance using ACASI software which reads questions and answers to respondents to increase the interviewing experience, data quality, and/or perception of privacy for low literacy populations and/or for sensitive questions, please reach out to Dr. Liza Jenuwine at, who will provide the software, and to Dr. Zimmerman at, who will provide training for the software.

Grant proposal budget development

For assistance developing budgets for grant proposals, please contact Dr. Rick Zimmerman at, who will connect you to our interim part-time grants and contracts assistant.

Funding sources for your research or scholarship

For assistance finding funding for your research or scholarship, please contact Dr. Rick Zimmerman at, who will meet with you to discuss your area(s) of focus and assist you in finding funders who might be interested in supporting your work.

Qualitative data software 

For information about and access to qualitative data software, please contact Dr. Liza Jenuwine at

Secondary analysis for publications or "pilot data" 

For assistance conducting secondary analysis for publications or pilot data, please contact Dr. Liza Jenuwine at for the latest list of datasets available and then to Dr. Zimmerman at about the most useful datasets to answer your research questions.

Data analysis

For assistance with data analysis and writing up statistical methods and results for manuscripts, please contact Dr. Hossein Yarandi at or Dr. Rick Zimmerman at