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  • Intent to submit a proposal
    Faculty are strongly encouraged to notify the OHR as soon as you have an idea that you intend to submit a proposal for sponsored as well as non-sponsored research opportunities. Please complete and submit the Intent to Submit form.
  • Brainstorming sessions
    Brainstorming sessions may be held as strategic planning sessions at any stage of research development (e.g., proposal development, response to a program announcement, etc.). Each session will include active researchers. To arrange a brainstorming session, please fill out the Brainstorming Session Request Form and email to Kate Althouse at
  • Pre-submission proposal review
    Pre-submission proposal reviews, including the opportunity for external "mock reviews," are highly recommended for all PIs seeking external funding. Reviews provide valuable feedback from your colleagues and help you prepare the best possible grant proposal. To arrange, please consult the Pre-Submission Proposal Review Guidelines.
  • Wayne State Office of the Vice President for Research
    Provides reviews and/or editing services for PIs when preparing research proposals. To request these services, you must complete the appropriate form which can be found on the OVPR website.
  • Budget planning and preparation
    For assistance with budget development, please schedule an appointment with Kate Althouse at
  • Working timelines for PIs for grant preparation
    Contact Kate Althouse at for the appropriate timeline for your planned grant proposal submission. Remember, all grant applications must be routed through the College of Nursing and submitted through WSU Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA).

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Post-award services

The OHR provides many post-award support services, additionally contracted with Angelique Meiu, Administrative Assistant IV with the WSU Institute of Gerontology, who can be reached via email at Post-award support services provide guidance and assistance with all grant management services, including project implementation, obtaining IRB approval, budget/financial administration and monitoring, and project closure.