Honors 2


  • Prerequisite:
    • All students must complete Honors 1 assignment as a prerequisite to Honors 2.
    • Must have a 3.3 cumulative GPA from Wayne State University and a 3.4 GPA in NUR courses to start Honors 2.
  • Must be completed in one of the following: NUR 3020, 3405, 4010, 4020, 4800 or 4300.
  • To fulfill the requirements for Honors 2, students are allowed to choose Option A or B described below, which are intended to build upon Honors 1.


Students must complete each of the two assignments listed below. Assignments are to be submitted to the course instructor by the date assigned. Assignments will be graded and cumulation of the grades will be used to determine the Honors grade. The grade earned in the Honors assignment does not affect the grade earned in the overall course curriculum. Students may be required to meet with the instructor to review the grading of each assignment.

The instructor and student will establish two meeting times during the semester. The time will be used to share/summarize findings from assignments.

Option A:
Literature review assignment

Complete a literature review of a research topic or clinical problem related to course content or an area of interest initiated in an earlier Honors course or a National Patient Safety Goal. Must include a minimum of four journal articles published in the last five years.


  • Six to seven-pages, double-spaced
  • 12-point font
  • APA format must be used


Good places to look are PubMed and CINAHL.

Lecture assignment

Attend a lecture in the College of Nursing, clinical agency or other setting related to research, evidence-based practice, or implementation of research or quality improvement. If the Honors course occurs during a semester when the college hosts its annual Contemporary Issues in Urban Health conference, attendance will be required.


  • Maximum of two to three-pages, double-spaced
  • 12-point font
  • Discuss the experience or the lecture content, what the student learned, how research was evident in the presentation, clinical application.


May be linked to the student's literature review topic. For example, if students are interested in meditation and hypertension, or yoga and asthma, or the effect of support groups on qualify of life, they may go to a meditation/yoga/support group and link it to their literature review.

If students are looking at National Patient Safety Goals, consider interviewing an individual from quality improvements about the translation of these goals into practice.

Option B:
Research assignment

Work with a mutually agreed upon research team within the college for a minimum of four hours/week.


  • Complete a literature review related to the research or clinical problem studied.
  • The literature review is written as a paper (no more than five to seven double-spaced pages) or as part of a manuscript with the research team.