Michigan Area Health Education Center (MI-AHEC)

The Michigan AHEC program was established in 2010 by Wayne State University as a partnership between the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing. Through its network of five regional centers located throughout the state, Michigan AHEC helps address the health care needs of residents throughout Michigan. The primary purpose of MI-AHEC is to help address the workforce shortage of health care professionals in Michigan. MI-AHEC works towards this mission via: 1) pipeline programming to support students' interest and preparation for health professional careers, particularly students from under represented and disadvantaged backgrounds; 2) support of community based training efforts; and 3) targeted efforts to recruit and retain health professionals in Michigan especially in medically underserved communities.

Campus Health Center

The Campus Health Center (CHC) is a full-service primary care clinic that serves all currently enrolled Wayne State University students. CHC has always been an academic, nurse-managed clinic that is owned and operated by Nursing Practice Corporation (NPC), the faculty practice plan of the College of Nursing. The academic, nurse-managed, full-service primary care clinic providies a wide range of primary healthcare services with the objective of keeping WSU students healthy and ready to learn. Each currently enrolled WSU student is eligible for one free illness visit per semester enrolled. CHC also aims to educate and inspire a new generation of health care providers, helping many departments across campus reach their educational goals by offering practicums, internships, and co-ops.

Taylor Street Primary Care Clinic

The Taylor Street Primary Care Clinic is a full-service primary care clinic devoted to the community and able to see patients of all ages. Affiliated with Nursing Practice Corporation and the College of Nursing at Wayne State University, the clinic are staffed with highly skilled adult and family nurse practitioners. The clinic serves patients of all ages in the Virginia Park and surrounding Detroit neighborhoods, providing a wide range of health care services with the objective of providing the highest quality care and promoting lifelong emotional and physical health for our urban community members of all ages.