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WSU College of Nursing 75th Anniversary

Thank you for submitting your story, photo and/or video! If your story is chosen, it may be featured on the Wayne State College of Nursing 75th anniversary web page, magazine, social media post, and other digital mediums!

What makes you a #WarriorStrongNurse? In the "Answers" box below, first please introduce yourself and then tell your story. Some questions to consider answering include:

1. What is your WSU College of Nursing story?
2. How did your experience while a WSU Nursing student prepare you for your career?
3. Describe your favorite College of Nursing memory.
4. What do you think of when you reflect on your time at the college?
5. Describe how a WSU nursing professor or nursing class shaped your perspective.
6. What’s your advice for a student considering the Wayne State College of Nursing?
7. What makes you a #WarriorStrongNurse?

Any other story or question you would like to tell about your relationship to the WSU College of Nursing is most welcomed as well!

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