Wanda Gibson-Scipio, PhD, FNP-BC, FAANP, ATSF

Wanda Gibson-Scipio, PhD, FNP-BC, FAANP, ATSF

Associate Professor (Clinical), Co-­Program Director Michigan Area Health Education Center

346 Cohn 
313-577­-4188 (fax)

Office hours

 By appointment. 

Research profile

Wanda Gibson-Scipio, PhD, FNP-BC, FAANP, ATSF


● BSN -­ Wayne State University

● MSN -­ Wayne State University

● PhD -­ Michigan State University

● Post Masters Certificate Nursing Education -­ Wayne State University

● Post Masters Certificate Family Nurse Practitioner -­ George Washington University

Research Interests

● The use of mobile technology to address health disparities in chronic disease of minority populations

● Transitions in Health Care of Urban African American Adolescent and Young Adults with Asthma

Clinical Area(s) of Expertise

• Chronic Disease Management
• Adolescent and Emerging Adult Health
• Behavior Change Using MI
• The Use of technology to support behavior change
• Health Care Transitions of Youth with Special Health Care Needs
• Community Health Management Collaborations and Program Development
• Health Disparities

Selected Publications

* = data based

Gibson-Scipio, W., Krouse, H. J. (2018). Barriers to self -management in African American Adolescents with asthma. Journal of Clinical
Outcomes Management 25,


*Tsilimingras, D., Gibson-Scipio, W., Benkert, R., Hudson, L., Liu, x., Zhang, L., Reed, T., & Markova, T. (2018). An evaluation of the Michigan State Loan Repayment Program. Journal of Family Medicine and Community Health, 5(5), 1-7.

*Tsilimingras, D., Gibson-Scipio, W., Clancy, K., Hudson, L., Liu, X., Mendez, J., Benkert, R. (2018). Interprofessional education during an autism session. Journal of Communication Disorders, 76, 71-78.


*MacDonell, K. K., Naar S., Gibson-Scipio,W. Bruzzese, J. M, Wang, B., & Brody, A. (2018). The Detroit Young Adult Asthma Project: Proposal for a multi-component technology intervention for African American emerging adults with asthma. Journal of Medical Internet Research, Research Protocols, 7, retrieved from http://www.researchprotocols.org/2018/5/e98/


*MacDonell, K. K., Naar, S., Gibson-Scipio, W., Lam, P., Secord, E. (2016). The Detroit young adult asthma project: Pilot of a technology-based medication adherence intervention for African American emerging adults. Journal of Adolescent Health, 59, 465-471.
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jadohealth.2016.05.016

*Gibson-Scipio, W., Gourdin, D., & Krouse, H. J. (2015). "Asthma self-management goals, beliefs and behaviors of urban African American adolescents prior to transitioning to adult health care." Journal of Pediatric Nursing. Advanced online publication. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.pedn.2015.06.012.

Lewis-Newby, M., Wicclair, M., Pope, T., Rushton, C., Curlin, F., Diekema, D., Durrer, D., Ehlenbach, W., Gibson-Scipio, W., Glavan, B., Langer, L., Manthous, C., Rose, C., Scardella, A., Shanawani, H., Siegel, M.D., Halpern, S.D., Truog, R.D., & White, D.B. (2015). "Managing conscientious objections in intensive care medicine: An official policy statement of the American thoracic society." American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 191(2), 219-227.


*MacDonell, K., Carcone, A., Naar-King, S., Gibson-Scipio, W., & Lam, P. (2014). "African American emerging adults’ perspectives on taking asthma controller medication: Adherence in the age of feeling in between." Journal of Adolescent Research. Advanced online publication. DOI: 10.1177/0743558414561299.   

*Gibson-Scipio, W. & Krouse, H. J. (2013). "Goals, beliefs, and concerns of urban caregivers of middle and older adolescents with asthma." Journal of Asthma, 50, 242-249.

*Kolmodin-MacDonell, K. K., Gibson-Scipio, W., Lam, P., & Naar-King, S. (2012). "Text Messaging to measure asthma medication use and symptoms in urban African American young adults: A feasibility study." Journal of Asthma, 49, 1092-1096.

*Joseph, C.L.M., Ownby, D. R., Havstad, S. L., Saltzgaber, S., Johnson, C. D., Peterson, E., Alexander, G., Lu, M., Gibson-Scipio, W., Cole Johnson, C. et al. (2013). "Evaluation of a web-based asthma management intervention program for urban teenagers: Reaching the hard to reach." Journal of Adolescent Health, 52, 419- 426.

*Joseph, C. L.M., Peterson, E., Havstad, S., Johnson, C. C., Hoerauf, S., Stringer, S., Gibson- Scipio, W., Ownby, D.R., Elston-Lafata, J., Pallonen, U., & Strecher, V. (2007). "A web-based, tailored asthma management program for urban African-American high school students." The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 9, 888-895.

Current Research

MacDonell, K., (PI) Gibson-Scipio, W.,( Co-I), Bruzzese, J. M. (Co-I), Brody, A. (Co-I) " Multi-Component Technology Intervention for African American Emerging Adults with Asthma."  Funding Agency: NIH, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. Award No. R01HL144506-02. Award Amount: $560,059.

Gibson-Scipio, W. (PI),  Kolmodin, K. (Co-I), Pearson, C. (Co-I), & Yarandi, H. (Co-I). (2014-2016). "Exploring End User’s Recommendations for the Development of an Asthma Transition Readiness Mobile Application.” Funding Agency: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation. Award Amount: $69,721.

Kolmodin MacDonell, K. (PI), King, S. (Co-I), Gibson-Scipio, W. (Co-I), Lam, P. (Co-I). (2011-2015). "Multi Component Technology Intervention for Minority Emerging Adults with Asthma." Funding Agency: NIH, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. Award No. 1R34HL107664-01A1. Award Amount: $266,000.00.

Gibson-Scipio, W. (PI), Kolmodin, K. (Co-I), Pearson, C. (Co-I), & Yarandi, H. (Co-I). (2011-2013). “Unmet Health Care Needs of Urban African American Emerging Adults with Asthma.” Funding Agency: DMC Scholar Award. Award Amount: $10,962.00.

Gibson-Scipio, W. (PI). (2008-2009). “A Focus Group Study of African American Adolescents with Asthma and their Caregivers Goals for Disease Self-management." Funding Agency: Oakland University Board of Visitors. Award Amount: $5,000.

Program Grants
Markova, T. (Co-PI), Benkert, R. (Co-PI) , Gibson-Scipio, W. & Tsilimingras, D. (Co-Program Directors). (2013-2021). Michigan – Area Health Education Center (MI-AHEC). Funding Agency: Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) (U76HP20206). Award Amount: Award Amount: $5,351,986.

Courses Taught

NUR 8065 Health Economics and Policy Evaluation of Nursing Care for Vulnerable Populations

NUR 8210 Health & Health Disparities

NUR 8685 Advanced Specialty Didactic and Lab II: Intermediate

NUR 9510 DNP Project Practicum III

NUR 9520 DNP Project


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