Thomas Templin, PhD

Thomas Templin, PhD

Professor (Emeritus)

321 Cohn

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Thomas Templin, PhD


  • BA - Wayne State University
  • MA (CognitivePsychology) - Wayne State University
  • PhD (Cognitive Psychology) - Wayne State University

Research Interests

  • Construct Validity and Psychometrics
  • Causal Modeling, Research Design and Methodology
  • Concept Formation and Representation
  • Peer and commercial influences on health seeking/maintaining behavior

Clinical Area(s) of Expertise

Dr. Templin’s expertise is in cross-disciplinary statistical methodology and research design including the integration of qualitative and quantitative data.

The publications below include a variety of advanced statistical methods, for example, mulit-arm adaptive clinical trials with multilevel modeling, cross-sectional and longitudinal designs with latent variable structural equation modeling, and psychometric designs with IRT, CFA, and bifactor models.

Selected publications

  • Arnetz, B. Templin, T. N., Jen, C., Sudan, S., Arnetz, J. (2020). Lifestyle and psychosocial factors associated with maintenance of normal body mass index in college students: a cross sectional study. BMC Research Notes, 13(1), 1-7.
  • Ellis, D. A., Cutchin, M., Templin, T. N., Carcone, A., Evans, M. Weissbert-Benchell, J., Buggs-Saxton, C.. Boucher-Berry, C., Miller, J., Miller, J. L. Al Wazeer, M. Gharib, J. Yasir, M., Worley, J.  (2021).Effects of Family and Neighborhood Risks on Glycemic Control Among Young Black Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes: Findings from a Multi-center Study, Pediatric Diabetes, 22(3), 511-518.
  • Khalil, D., Templin, T., Giurgescu, C., & Misra, D.P. (2021). Psychometric Analysis of the Arabic Translation of the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support. Journal of Nursing Measurement. 29(3), 408-423. DOI: 10.1891/JNM-D-20-00029
  • Paul, J. Templin, T. N., Carruthers, N., Burghardt, P. R., Ivanics, C., Stemmer P. M., Pieper, B. (2021). C-Reactive Protein Levels in Plasma and Chronic Venous Ulcer Exudate of Persons Who Inject Drugs: A Pilot Study. WOUNDS: A Compendium of Clinical Research and Practice,33(5):106-112.
  • Joshwa B, Malek MH, Peters RM, Templin T. (2021) Evaluating Subjective and Objective Fatigue Immediately Before and After Hemodialysis: A Within-Subjects' Design. Nephrol Nurs J. Nov-Dec;48(6):527-569. PMID: 34935330.
  • Khalil, D., Giurgescu, C., Misra, D. P., Templin, T., & Jenuwine, E. (2022). Association of maternal and paternal psychosocial stress and infant hair cortisol among Arab American immigrants: A pilot study. Developmental Psychobiology, 64(7), e22310.
  • Khalil, D., Giurgescu, C., & Misra, D.P., Templin, T., Javanbakht, A., Jenuwine, E. (2022). Acculturative Stress and Postpartum Depressive Symptoms among Immigrant Arab American Couples. MCN, The American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing.
  • Solberg, M., Peters, R. M., Templin, T. N. Albdour, M. M., (2022) The Relationship of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Emotional Distress in Young Adults.  Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.
  • Khalil, D., Giurgescu, C., & Misra, D.P., Templin, T.,  Jenuwine, E., & Drury, S. S. (2023). Psychosocial factors and telomere length among parents and infants of immigrant Arab American families., Biological Research for Nursing.
  • Solberg, M., Peters, R. M., Templin, T. N., (2023). The Psychometric Properties of the Brief COPE Among Young Adults,  Journal of Nursing Measurement.
  • Khalil, D., George, Z., Templin, T., Jenuwine, E., Javanbakht, A. (2023). Perceived Adversity and Psychological Distress in Refugee Married Couples Resettling in the United States. International Journal of Social Psychiatry
  • Choi, S. H., Templin, T., & Marrocco, A. (2023). Development of an online discrete choice experiment to elicit preferences for tobacco treatment among college students. Journal of American College Health, 1-8. doi:10.1080/07448481.2023.2227715
  • Joshwa B, Templin T., Campbell, M. (2023). Psychometric Properties of the Piper Fatigue Scale-12. Journal of Nursing Measurement. Aug 2023, DOI: 10.1891/JNM-2021-0092 (Early view)
  • Choi, S. H. & Templin, T. (2023). College students’ preferences for tobacco treatment: a discrete choice experiment. Health Education Research, 2023; cyad035,
  • Solberg, M., Peters, R. M., Resko, S. M., Templin, T. N., (2023). Does coping mediate the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and health outcomes in young adults? Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma, 16 (3), 615-627
  • Naar, S., Outlaw, A., MacDonell, K., Jones, M., White, J., Secord, E., Templin, T. (2023). Information, Motivation, Behavioral Skills Model in Youth Newly Starting Antiretroviral Treatment AIDS and Behavior, 27 (8), 2785-2790
  • Schutte, D. L., Jenuwine, E. S., Templin, T., Schutte, B. C. (2023). Perceived Hearing Impairment in a Rural Community. Research in Gerontological Nursing, 16 (1), 21-32
  • Albdour, M., Templin, T., Zilioli, S., Hong, J. S., Lumley, M. A. (2024) Current and cumulative stress experiences: A model for Arab American young adults.  Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 30 (2), 364-377.
  • Ellis, D., Carcone, I. A., Templin, T., Evans, M., Weissberg-Bechell, J., Buggs-Saxton, C., Boucher-Berry, C., Miller, J. L., Drossos, T., Dekelbab, M. B. (2024). Moderating Effect of Depression on Glycemic Control in an eHealth Intervention Among Black Youth With Type 1 Diabetes: Findings From a Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial. JMIR Diabetes, 9,  e55165, doi:10.2196/55165
  • Choi SH, Templin T. (2024). Discrete choice experiment for dyadic data collection: eliciting preferences of couple-based smoking cessation interventions. Women's Health Nursing, 30(1):9-17.

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