Debra Schutte, PhD, RN

Debra Schutte, PhD, RN

Associate Professor, Director of the BioPhysical Laboratory

138 Cohn ,

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Research profile

Debra Schutte, PhD, RN


  • Diploma - Methodist School of Nursing
  • BSN - The University of Iowa College of Nursing
  • MSN - The University of Iowa College of Nursing
  • PhD - The University of Iowa College of Nursing
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship - The University of Iowa College of Nursing 

Research Interests

  • Symptoms (Cognition, Behavior, Function) in Dementia
  • Biomarkers in Nursing Research
  • Gene-Environment Interactions
  • Community-based Participatory Research

Selected Publications

(*data based; †with student)

Schutte, D.L. (2016). Aging and Genomics: Perspectives for the Graduate Level Nurse. Genomic Essentials for Graduate Level Nurses: For Clinicians, Educators, Researchers and Leaders (Ed. Ed. Seibert, Edwards, Maradiegue, & Tinley). Lancaster, PA: DEStech Publications.

Schutte, D.L. (2013). Genomics and Aging. Genetics and Genomics for Nursing (Eds. Lewis & Kenner). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Schutte, D.L. (2010). Genetics, Genomics and Current Issues for Professional Nursing. Current Issues in Nursing, 8th Ed, (Ed. Cowen & Moorhead). Philadelphia: Mosby/Elsevier

Journal Articles

*Ersig, A.L., Schutte, D.L. Standley, J., Leslie, E., Zimmerman, B., Kleiber, C., Hanrahan, K., Murray, J., & McCarthy, A.M. (in press). Relationship of genetic variants with procedural pain, anxiety, and distress in children. Biological Research for Nursing.

*†Goris, E.D., Ansel, K.N., & Schutte, D.L. (2016). Systematic review of non-pharmacological interventions for reducing apathy in persons with dementia. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 72(11), 2612-2628.

*†Schutte, D.L., Dykstra Goris, E., Rivard, J., RAC/REC, & Schutte, B.C. (2016). Community health needs assessment in a rural setting: foundation for a community-academic partnership. Journal of Higher Education, Outreach, and Engagement, 20(2), 85-108).

*†Dykstra. E., Schutte, D., Rivard, J., & Schutte B. (2015) Community leader perceptions of the health needs of older adults. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 37(5), 599-618.

*Werth, S.L., Stommel, M., & Schutte, D.L. (2014). Bridging the gap: from inpatient to home for the person with a new ostomy. Journal of Wound, Ostomy, and Incontinence Nursing, 41(6), 566-572.

*†Houghton-Rahrig, L., Fenton, J.I. & Schutte, D.L. (2014). Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and the PNPLA3 gene. MEDSURG Nursing, 23(2), 101-106, 121.

*†Bonner, J.D., Fisher, R.A., Lu, Q., Klein, J., Friderici, K.H., Elfenbein, J.L., Wilch, E., Schutte, D.L., Schutte, B.C. (2014). Pedigree structure and kinship measurements of a large German immigrant community in Michigan: A new isolate discovered. Human Biology: The International Journal of Population Genetics and Anthropology, 86(1), 59-68.

Schutte, D.L. (2013). Genetic testing and Alzheimer’s disease: implications for psychiatric mental health nursing. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing, 18, 1-5.

*†Houghton-Rahrig, R., Schutte, D.L., von Eye, A., Fenton, J.I., Given, B.A., & Hord, N.G. (2013). Exploration of a symptom experience in persons with NAFLD. Nursing Outlook, 61(4), 242-251.

*†Schutte, D.L., Davies, M.A., & Goris, E.D. (2013). The implications of genomics on the nursing care of adults with neuropsychiatric conditions. The Journal of Nursing Scholarship,45(1), 79-88. 10.1111/jnu.12006

*†Spoelstra, S.L., Given, B.A., Given, C.W., Schutte, D. L., Sikorskii, A., You, M. (2013). Do older adults with cancer fall more often? A comparative analysis of falls in those with and without cancer, Oncology Nursing Forum, 40(2), E69-78. Online exclusive article can be accessed at

*†Schutte, D.L., Reed, D.A., DeCranes, S., & Ersig, A.L. (2011). Saitohin and APOE polymorphisms influence cognition and function in persons with advanced Alzheimer Disease. Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders, 32- 94-102 [DOI: 10.1159/000329542].*

*Williams, J.K., Barnette, J.J., Sousa, V.D., Schutte, D.L., McGonigal-Kenney, M., Jarmon, L., Tripp-Reimer, T., & Paulsen, J.S. (2010). Development of the Huntington Disease Family Concerns and Strategies Survey from Focus Group Data. Journal of Nursing Measurement, 18(2), 83-99.

McDaniel, A.M., Schutte, D.L., & Olsen Keller, L. (2008). Consumer health informatics: from genomics to population health. Nursing Outlook, 56(5), 216-223.

*Kleiber, C., Schutte, D.L., McCarthy, A.M., Floria-Santos, M., Murray, J.C., & Hanrahan, K. (2007, Feb). Predictors of topical analgesic effectiveness in children. Journal of Pain, 8(2), 168-174.

Honors and Awards

  • Senior Investigator Award, Midwest Nursing Research Society, Genetics Research Section, 2012
  • Junior Investigator Award, Midwest Nursing Research Society, Genetics Research Section, 2008

Current Research

  • Hearing, Genetics and Agitation in People with Dementia in a Rural Isolated Community: A Feasibility Study. Principal Investigator: Debra Schutte, PhD, RN.
  • Community-based Cooperative for Studies Across Generations (CoSAGE). Principal Investigator: Debra Schutte, PhD, RN.

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