Maha Albdour, PhD, RN, APHN-BC

Maha Albdour, PhD, RN, APHN-BC

Assistant Professor

368 Cohn

Office hours

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Research profile

Maha Albdour, PhD, RN, APHN-BC


  • PhD - Wayne State University
  • MSN - Wayne State University
  • Advanced Public Health Nurse (APHN-BC)
  • BSN - The University of Jordan

Research Interests

• Adolescent and young adult health
• Community engagement
• Pre-diabetes and Cardiovascular stress-related risk factors
• Stress prevention/interventions

Maha Albdour is a board-certified advanced public health nurse who earned her Ph.D. in Nursing at Wayne State University in 2017. Her research interest is the health of minority and immigrant adolescents and young adults. She conducted several projects among the Arab American community exploring psychosocial stressors such as childhood adversities (including war, armed conflicts, and community violence experiences), discrimination, acculturative stress, social support, and parent-child relationship influence on physical and mental health of adolescents and young adults. Dr. Albdour has recently concluded a study that examined the effect of past and current multiple stressors and their effects on the Endocrine system (cortisol levels) and health, both mental and physical, of immigrant young adults from Arabic decent. Currently, Dr. Albdour received funding for her study “depression and Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) in Arab-American parent‐adolescent dyads”, which will examine the interaction between parental and adolescent psycho-social stressors and their effects on mental health and cardiovascular disease risk among both parents and their children. The study was funded by WSU-ACCESS initiatives for pilot data supporting community-engaged research, and data collection are in progress. In addition, Dr. Albdour is currently the principal investigator for two studies focusing on prediabetes stress intervention and medical mistrust among ethnic minority young adults. Dr. Albdour has received the Midwest Nursing Society (MNRS) Adolescents Health Research Interest Group new investigator award as an acknowledgment of her work with minority adolescents.

Selected publications

 Albdour, M., Templin, T., Zilioli, S., Hong, S. J. & Lumley, M. A. (in press). Current and Cumulative Stress Experiences: A Model for Arab American Young Adults. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

Solberg, M., Peters, R, Templin, T., Albdour, M. (in press). The relationship of adverse childhood experiences and emotional distress in young adults. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

Hong, J.S., Kim, J., Albdour, M., Peguero, A. A., Smith-Darden, J.P., Johns, S. and Voisin, D. R. (2021). Social disadvantages and peer victimization: Exploring potential pathways. Journal of Sociological Inquiry.

Albdour, M., El-Masri, M., & Hong, J. S. (2020). A descriptive study of bullying victimization among Arab American adolescents in Southeast Michigan middle and high schools. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 55, 232-238.

Hong, J. S., Choi, J., Albdour, M., Willis, T. M., Kim, J., & Voisin, D. R. (2020). Future orientation and adverse outcomes of peer victimization among African American adolescents. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 1-19.

Hong, J. S., Zhang, S., Gonzalez-Prendes, A. A., & Albdour, M. (2020). Exploring whether talking with parents, siblings, and friends moderates the association between peer victimization and adverse psychosocial outcomes. Journal of interpersonal violence, 0886260519898432.

Albdour, M., Hong, J. S., Zilioli, S., & Lumley, M. A. (2020). Self‐ reported physical and psychological symptoms among victims and perpetrators of bullying in Arab American Adolescents. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing.

Albdour, M., Hong, J. S., Lewin, L., & Yarandi, H. (2019). The impact of cyberbullying on physical and psychological health of Arab American Adolescents. Journal of immigrant and minority health, 1-10.

Albdour, M., Lewin, L., Kavanaugh, K., Hong, J. S., & Wilson, F. (2017). Arab American adolescents’ perceived stress and bullying experiences: A qualitative study. Western journal of nursing research, 39(12), 1567-1588. doi10.1177/0193945916678214.

Timraz, S. M., Alhasanat, D. I., Albdour, M., Lewin, L., Giurgescu, C., & Kavanaugh, K. (2016). Challenges and strategies for conducting sensitive research with an Arab American population. Applied Nursing Research. 33, 1-4


Honors and Awards

Albdour, M. 2019 Midwest Nursing Research Society/Adolescent Health Research Interest Group New Investigator Award.

Albdour M. 2017 Wayne State University/College of Nursing/Diversity Committee/Research contribution to Diversity & Underserved Populations award

Albdour, M.2017 Wayne State University Graduate School /Graduate & Post-Doctoral Research Symposium Award/Third Place

Albdour, M. 2015 Wayne State University College of Nursing/Student Research Achievement Award

Albdour, M. 2015 Wayne State University/College of Nursing/Service Excellence Award

Current Research

Albdour, M. A. (Co-PI)- Exploration of Medical Mistrust among Ethnic Minority Adolescents and Emerging Adults. Wanda Gibson-Scipio (Co-PI) & Meghna Shukla (Co-I). WSU College of Nursing internal funding. (December 23, 2021)(10,000.00).

Albdour, M. A. (PI) - Examining the Effect of a Novel Stress Reduction Intervention on the Control of Prediabetes: A Feasibility Study. Co-Investigators: M. Lumley, L. Jaber, P. Burghardt Funded by: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Grant (#002893) (September 22, 2020) ($70,000.00).

Albdour, M. A. (PI) - Depression and Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) in Arab-American Parent‐Adolescent Dyads. Co-PI: Ali. Ali. Co-Investigators: S. Zilioli, Funded by: Wayne State University and Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) pilot grant (October 1, 2020) ($40,000.00).

Albdour, M. A. (PI) – “All of Us” NIH Research Program Education. Co-Investigators: Rick S. Zimmerman Funded by: American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN)(February 15, 2020- July 25, 2021) (10,000.00).

 Albdour, M. A. (PI) -Cumulative Stress Experiences, Hair Cortisol, and Health of Arab American College Students. Co-Investigators: S. Zilioli, J. S. Hong & M. Lumley. Funded by: American Nurses' Foundation Grants for new investigators (September 1, 2019- September 1, 2020) (10,000.00).

Albdour, M. A. (PI) -Cumulative Stress Experiences, Endocrine Response, and Health of Arab American College Students. Co-Investigators: S. Zilioli, J. S. Hong & M. Lumley. Funded by: Sigma Theta Tau Lambda Chapter Award (March 2019-March 2020) ($2000.00).

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