Margaret Campbell, PhD, RN, FPCN

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Office Address

344 Cohn

Office Hours

 By appointment.


  • Diploma - Henry Ford Hospital, School of Nursing
  • BSN - Wayne State University
  • MSN - Wayne State University
  • PhD (Nursing) - University of Michigan

Research Interests

  • Dyspnea
  • Symptom Management at the end of life

Clinical Area(s) of Expertise

Adult Palliative Care

Selected Publications

Chapters in the last 5 years

Campbell, M.L. & Stellini, M.A. (2015). "Dyspnea: Management in seriously ill hospitalized patients." In S. Pantilat, W. Anderson, M. Gonzales, and E. Widera (editors), Hospital-based palliative medicine: A practical, evidence-based approach. Ames, IA: Wiley Blackwell Publishers, 37-48.

Campbell, M.L. & Gorman, L. (2015). Withdrawal of life-sustaining therapies: mechanical ventilation, dialysis and cardiac devices. In B.R. Ferrell, N. Coyle and J. Paice (editors), Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing. 4th edition, New York, Oxford University Press.

Journal Articles (*Data-based) in the last 5 years

Campbell, M.L. (in press). "Responding to hyoscine butylbromide to manage death rattle: sooner rather than later". Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

*Campbell, M.L. and McErlane, L. (in press). "Feasibility of a study to test the effectiveness of a dyspnea assessment and treatment bundle to improve family caregiving of patients in home hospice". Journal of Palliative Medicine.

 Campbell, ML. (in press). "Assuaging listener distress from death rattle". Annals of Palliative Medicine.

*Campbell, M.L., Kiernan, J., Strandmark, J. and Yarandi, H.N. (2018). "Trajectory of dyspnea and respiratory distress among patients in the last month of life". Journal of Palliative Medicine; 21(2):194-199.

Campbell, M.L. (2017). "Dyspnea". Critical Care Clinics of North America; 29(4):461-470.

*Campbell, M.L., Templin, T. & Kero, K. (2017). "Mild, moderate, and severe intensity cut-points for the Respiratory Distress Observation Scale." Heart & Lung, 46:14-17.

*Campbell, M.L., Mendez, M. & Yarandi, H.N. (2015). "A two-group trial of a terminal ventilator withdrawal algorithm: pilot testing." Journal of Palliative Medicine, 18:781-785.

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Mularski, R.A., Reinke, L.F., Carrieri-Kohlman, V., Fischer, M.D., Campbell, M.L., Rocker, G. et al. (2013). "An official American Thoracic Society Workshop report: Assessment and palliative management of dyspnea crisis." Annals ATS, 10(5): S98-S106.

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*Campbell, M.L. & Yarandi, H. (2013). "Death rattle is not associated with patient respiratory distress: Is pharmacologic treatment indicated?" Journal of Palliative Medicine, 16: 1255-1259.

*Campbell, M.L., Yarandi, H., and Dove-Medows, E. (2013). "Oxygen is non-beneficial for most patients who are near death." Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 45(3):517-523.


Current Research

An algorithmic approach to ventilator withdrawal at the end of life. National Institute of Nursing Research R01 funding.

Courses Taught

  • Independent Directed Study
  • D.N.P. CIP committee
  • Ph.D. Dissertation committee