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Linda Lewin, Ph.D., PMHCNS-BC

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Office Address

352 Cohn

Office Hours

 By appointment. 


  • B.S.N. - Capital University, Columbus, OH
  • M.S.N. - The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
  • Ph.D. Developmental Psychology - University of Toledo, Toledo, OH

Research Interests

  • At-risk parents
  • Child maltreatment, secondary prevention

Infant Mental Health

Clinical Area(s) of Expertise

  • Child-Adolescent Mental Health
  • Child maltreatment

Selected Publications

 Recent Publications (*data based; ^ with student)

*^Albdour, M., Lewin, L., Kavanaugh, K., Hong, J. & Wilson, F. (in press). Arab American adolescents' perceived stress and bullying experiences: A qualitative study. Western Journal of Nursing Research.

*^Timraz, s., Alhasanat, D., Albdour, M., Lewin, L., Giurgescu, C., & Kavanaugh, K. (2016). Challenges and strategies for conducting sensitive research with Arab American population. Applied Nursing Research, 33, 1-4.

*Mahoney, J., Lewin, L., Beeber, L. & Willis, D. (2016). Using liberating structures to increase Engagement in identifying priorities for the APNA Research council. Journal of American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 22, 504-507

*Lewin, L., Farkas, K., & ^Niazi, M. (2017). Mother-child relational quality of women in substance abuse treatment. Journal of American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 23, 50-59.

Lewin, L. & Templin, T. (2016). "Model development of mothering by women with bipolar illness." Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 37(2):75-82.

Lewin, L. & Schim, S. (2016). "Development of a child abuse level management (CALM) guide for research protocols with young children." Applied Nursing Research, 30, 276-279.

*^Hassan, M., Killion, C., Lewin, L., Totten, C., & Gary, F. (2015). "Gender-related sexual abuse experiences reported by children who were examined in an emergency department." Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 29, 148-154.

*^Hassan, M., Gary, F., Killion, C., Lewin, L., & Totten, V. (2015). "Patterns of sexual abuse among children: Victims’ and perpetrators’ characteristics." Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, & Trauma, 24, 400-418.

*^Murry, S. & Lewin, L. (2014). "Parenting Support Needs Assessment: Screening for child maltreatment risk in young families." Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 28, 208-216.

*Lewin, L., Farkas, K., & ^Niazi, M. (2014). "A methodological pilot: Parenting among women in substance abuse treatment."  Journal of Addictions Nursing, 25, 48-55.

*Respress, B., Morris, D., Gary, F., Lewin, L. & Francis, S. (2013). "Social determinants of adolescent depression: An examination of racial differences." Issues in Mental Health, 34, 539-549.

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*Sawin, K., Lewin, L., Niederhauser, V., & Brady, M. (2012). "A survey of NAPNAP members’ clinical and professional research priorities."Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 26, 5-15.

Current Research

Lewin, L. (PI) & Templin, T. (Co-I). (2016-on going). Mothering of young children by women by bipolar disorder (2016-on going. Funded by Wayne State University, College of Nursing.

Lewin, L. (PI). (2012-on going). Barriers to mental health treatment following child sexual abuse. Funded by Wayne State University-College of Nursing

Lewin, L. (PI) and Farkas, K. (Co-I). Parenting of young children by women in substance abuse treatment (2010- 2012).  P-30: National Institute of Nursing Research

Courses Taught

 NUR 7840 Advanced Practice Nursing: Individuals and Community

NUR 7855 Advanced Practice Nursing: Groups NUR 7860 Advanced Practice Nursing: Families NUR 7108 Advanced Theoretical Foundations for Nursing NUR 7880: Infant and Family Mental Health Assessment