Wayne State University

Mary Zugcic, M.S., APRN, BC, CRNI

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Office Address

313 Cohn

Office Hours

by appointment


  •     B.S.N. - University of Michigan
  •     M.S. in Medical Surgical Nursing - University of Michigan

Research Interests

  •     Intravenous Therapy
  •     Technology used in IV therapy
  •     Glycemic control

Clinical Area(s) of Expertise

  •     Nephrology nursing
  •     Diabetes
  •     IV therapy

Selected Publications

Zugcic, M. Identifying a Clinical Issue That Needs Evidence to Support Practice. November/December 2016 INS Newsline, 38(6).

Zugcic, M. Quality Versus Quantity in Nursing Research May/June 2016 INS Newsline, 38(4).

Pieper, B., Keves-Foster, M.K., Ashare, J., Zugcic, M., Albdour, M., Alhasant, D., (2016) Undergraduate nursing students’ clinical exposure to patients with wounds in an introductory nursing course: A quality improvement project. Ostomy Wound Management, 62(4)20-29.

Pieper, B., Keves-Foster, M.K., Ashare, J., Zugcic, M., Albdour, M., Alhasant, D., (In Press) Beginning Nursing Students’ Exposure to Patients with Wounds and Their Wound Care. Journal of WOCN,

Zugcic, M. Focus Groups in Nursing Research. January/February 2016 INS Newsline (38(1).

Adams, J. Zugcic, M. (in press). A Focus Group Research Study of Research and Evidence Based Practice of Infusion Nurses. Journal of Infusion Nursing.

Zugcic, M., Gorski, L., Davis, J. and Alexander, M. “Establishing Research Priorities for the Infusion Nurses Society”. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 2010; 33(3)

Sanborn, M., Moody, M., Harder, A., Pepper, G., Scanlon, M., Vaida, A. and Zugcic, M. “Second Consensus Development Conference on the Safety of Intravenous Drug Delivery Systems – 2008”. Am J Health-System Pharmacy. 2009; 66:185-192.

Chapters Published

 Zugcic, M. “Chapter 12: Infusion Therapy”. Hoffman, J. and Sullivan, N. Medical-surgical nursing. Burr Ridge, Il: McGraw-Hill. (2017)

Kravutske, M., Albers, C., Hunt, P., and Zugcic, M. “Implementing Nursing Outcome Classification in an Electronic Documentation System for Research”. Moorhead, S. et al. Nursing outcomes classification (NOC). St. Louis: Mosby Elsevier. 2008.

Current Research

Establishing research priorities for the Infusion Nurses Society

Courses Taught

  •     NURS 2050
  •     NURS 3010
  •     NURS 3020
  •     NURS 2995