Wayne State University

Janet Harden, Ph.D., RN, CNEA­-BC

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Office Address

234 Cohn 

Office Hours

 By appointment. 


● B.S.N. ­- Madonna University

● M.S.A. - Business Administration, Madonna University

● M.S.N. -­ Nursing Administration, Madonna University

● Ph.D. -­ University of Michigan School of Nursing

Research Interests

● Health promotion for the elderly

● Caregivers issues

● Quality of life issues

● Successful aging

● Cancer survivorship

Clinical Area(s) of Expertise

● Caregiver issues

● Nursing administration

● Leadership and management issues

● Prostate cancer illness and survivorship

Selected Publications

 Harden, J., Sanda, M., Wei, J.T., Yarandi, H., Hembroff, L., Hardy, J., Northouse, L., PROSTQA Study Group. (2013). Spouses’ long-term appraisal of their caregiving experience, marital satisfaction, sexual satisfaction and quality of life 2 years after prostate cancer treatment. Cancer Nursing, 36(2), 104-113.

Harden, J., Sanda, M., Wei, J.T., Yarandi, H., Hembroff, L., Hardy, J., Northouse, L., PROSTQA Study Group. (2013) Survivorship after prostate cancer treatment: Spouses’ quality of life at 36 months. Oncology Nursing Forum, 40(6).

Wu, H.S. & Harden J.K. (2015) Symptom Burden and quality of life in survivorship: a review of the literature. Cancer Nursing, Jan-Feb;38(1):E29-54.

Harden, J., Northouse, LL., Cimprich, B., Pohl, J., Liang, J., Kershaw, T. (2008). The influence of developmental life stage on quality of life in survivors of prostate cancer and their partners. Journal of Cancer Survivorship.

Harden, J., Northouse, L.L., Mood, D. (2006). Qualitative analysis of couples' experience with prostate cancer by age cohort. Cancer Nursing, 29(5), 367-377.

Harden, J. (2005). Developmental life stage and couples' experiences with prostate cancer: A review of the literature. Cancer Nursing, 28(2), 85-98.

Artinian, N., Harden, J., Kronenberg, M., Vander Wal, J., Daher, E., Stephens, Q., Bazzi, R. (2003). Pilot study of a Web-based compliance monitoring device for patients with congestive heart failure. Heart and Lung, 32(4), 226- 233.

Harden, J. (2003). Faculty and student experiences with Web-based discussion groups in a large lecture setting. Nurse Educator, 28(1), 26-303.

Northouse, L. L., Walker, J., Schafenacker, A., Mood, D., Mellon, S., Galvin, E., Harden, J., Freeman-Gibb, L. (2002). A family-based program of care for women with recurrent breast cancer and their family members. Oncology Forum, 29(10), 1411-1419.

Harden, J., Schafenacker, A., Northouse, L.L., Mood, D., Baranowski, K, (2002). Couples' experiences with prostate cancer: A focus group study. Oncology Nursing Forum, 29(4), 701-709.


Current Research

Principal Investigator Virginia Rice. “Health Consequences of Adolescent Water Pipe Smoking With and Without Cigarette Smoking.” Harden J. Co-Investigator (10%). NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2012-2016.

Courses Taught

● NUR 4040 Leadership and Management in Nursing Practice

● NUR 6510 Health Economics, Policy, and Professional Issues for Advanced Practice Nurses

● NUR 8060 Research Methods: Qualitative

● NUR 8650 Advanced Professional Leadership