Feleta Wilson, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

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Office Address

354 Cohn

Office Hours

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  •     B.S.N. - A&T State University, School of Nursing
  •     M.P.H. - University of Michigan, School of Public Health - Nursing Division
  •     Ph.D. -  Wayne State University, College of Nursing

Research Interests

  •     Health Literacy Communication
  •     Patient Education
  •     Urban/Community Health
  •     Developing, Designing, and Field-testing Easy-to-Read Patient Education Materials

Selected Publications

Wilson, F. L., Dobal, M., Nordstrom. C., DeGroot, C., & Smith, D., &
Schram, C. (In press). Literacy, self-efficacy, and health beliefs about exercise and obesity in urban low-income African American women. JOCEPS.

Wilson, F.L., Baker, L., Nordstrom, C., & Legwand, C (2008). Using
the teach-back and Orem�s self-care to increase childhood immunization communication among low-income mothers. Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing, 31, 7-22.

Baker, L, Wilson, F. L, Nordstrom, C., & Wegwand, C. (2007). Mothers�
knowledge and information needs about immunization. Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing, 30, 1-15.

Jeroz, P., Dobal., M., Wilson, F. L., & Schram, C. (2006). Disordered eating and food cravings among urban obese African American women. Eating Behaviors, 8, 374-381.

Wilson, F. L., Brown, D., & Stephen-Ferris, M. (2006). Can easy-to-read
immunization information increase knowledge in urban mothers? Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 21, 4-12.

Baker, L., & Wilson, F. L. (2004). An exploratory study of the health
problems, stigmatization, life satisfaction, and literacy skills of urban sex-workers. Women and Health, 39, 83-96.

Wilson, F. L. & Williams, B. N. (2003). Meeting the health education and
information needs of patients with low-literacy skills. Journal of Wound Ostomy and Continence Nursing (JWOCN), 30, 224-230.

Wilson, F. L. & Ntiri, D. (2003). Meeting the health and information needs
of patients with low literacy skills. JOCEP, Spring Edition, 10-15.

Wilson, F. L., Racine, E., Tiekieli, V, & Williams, B. (2003). Literacy and
readability: Barriers to patient education for older African Americans on anticoagulation therapy. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 12,275-282.

Wilson, F. L., Mood, D., Risk, J. & Kreshaw, T. (2003). Self-care as a
model for evaluating written patient education materials. Nursing Science Quarterly, 16, 68-76.

Wilson, F. L. (2000). Measuring the patient's ability to read and
comprehend: A first step in patient education. Nursing Connections, 13, 19-27.

Wilson, F. L., Baker, L., Syed-Brown, C., & Gollop, C. (2000). Readability
of cancer patient education information found on CancerNet. Oncology Nursing Forum, 27,1403-1409.

Oremann, M. & Wilson, F. L. (2000). Quality of care information for
consumers on the Internet. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 14, 45-54.

Current Research

Co-Principal Investigator. Teaching elderly about medication literacy (TEAM-L). Pfizer Foundation Health Literacy Community Grants Program. ($100,000)(pending).

Co-Principal Investigator. The effects of patient education and patient decision-making for the medically underserved. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation.

Principal Investigator. Patient education and patient literacy among urban elderly populations. Wayne State University, Research Center for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR), Network Grant.
Co-Principal Investigator. Focus groups: Exercise and weight-management among underserved and underrepresented urban groups. Center for Health Research. College of Nursing, Wayne State University.
Principal Investigator. Literacy: A factor to consider in patient education and patient compliance. John Dingell Veterans Administration Medical Center, Detroit, Michigan. (pending).

1999 - 2002
Principal Investigator. Access to health with readable immunization information. National Center for Nursing Research, National Institutes of Health.

Principal Investigator. Health literacy communication: A different focus for patient education and research. Sigma Theta Tau, Lambda Chapter.

Principal Investigator. Patient education: Anticoagulation therapy for elderly African Americans. College of Nursing, Center Health Research, Wayne State University. Summer support.

Courses Taught

  •     NUR 7510 - Advanced Community and Home-Health Nursing
  •     NUR 7540 - Advanced Community Health Nursing
  •     NUR 7560 - Planned Change in the Community
  •     NUR 8100 - Ethics in Nursing
  •     NUR 7510 -Advanced Community Health Nursing I - Urban Health Assessment
  •     NUR 7540 - Advanced Community Health Nursing II - Urban Health Planning and Intervention
  •     NUR 7560 - Advanced Community Health Nursing III - Urban Health Evaluation
  •     NUR 8090 - Professional Seminar: On Becoming a PhD - Urban Health Program
  •     NUR 8030 - Urban Health Theories and Research
  •     NUR 8990 - Directed Study (Doctoral Students) Concepts of Urban Health
  •     NUR 4120 - Community Health Nursing - Basic Nursing Program and RN Outreach
  •     NUR 2110 - Nursing Care of the Well Client
  •     NUR 4220 - Leadership and Management in Nursing
  •     NUR 4500 - Perspectives in Nursing
  •     NUR 2040 - Environments of Care
  •     NUR 4060 - Ethical, Legal, and Health Policy Issues in Nursing
  •     NUR 4000 - Research-based Interventions for Health
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