Wayne State University

Skills lab

The mission of Wayne State University College of Nursing Skills Lab is to enhance nursing student growth and development. The lab offers resources to help develop competent, well-rounded future nurse professionals.

The lab consists of six full sized mannequins, fully functional hospital beds and headwall units.  It is equipped with IV poles and pumps, wheelchairs, a reference library of over fifty nursing books, and a variety of other tools and supplies that can enhance ones own knowledge base, and understanding of nursing.

Skills Lab provides students the environment to learn clinical nursing skills by supplying the lab with tools, resources, and hospital equipment that can be utilized for learning. There is plenty of workspace, dry erase boards, and other resources available to support collaborative study.  Open lab hours allow each nursing student to develop clinical nursing skills at his or her own pace. Students can work independently, with peers, or one-on-one with a staff member. The skills that a nursing student learns in skills lab are essential for the success of the student during clinical procedures in the hospital setting.  These skills can also be applied during simulation experiences at the colleges’ Simulation Lab, which builds upon the student’s skillset through simulation.

We believe that skills lab is not only a place to learn, but also a place to build relationships and form networks with other nursing students. We want students to walk into skills lab knowing that they will walk out with a new understanding of nursing. Check the lab's calendar to attend fundamental nursing skills presentations to re-enforce major concepts.