Wayne State University


Name Title E-mail Phone Office
Aaron, Kristina Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Enrollment ak8354@wayne.edu 313-577-3341 10.1 Cohn
Abdelnour, Michael Associate Director, Clinical Laboratories michael.abdelnour@wayne.edu 313-577-4644 221 Cohn
Allie, Rachel Development Associate rachel.allie@wayne.edu 313-577-1920 131 Cohn
Balint, Katherine D.N.P., RN, APHN-BC, MSN-NA, CRRN, FCN Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Clinical Labs eb9080@wayne.edu 313-577­-0375 204 Cohn
Beste, Dennis Academic Services Officer dennis.beste@wayne.edu 313-577-4080 10.8 Cohn
Brumitt, Gail Associate Director for Research Projects gail.brumitt@wayne.edu 313-577-0204 315 Cohn
Clifton, Shelley Director of Business Affairs ft1712@wayne.edu 313-577-4086 100 Cohn
Cotton, Gwendolyn Secretary IV gwendolyn.cotton@wayne.edu 313-577-3295 225 Cohn
Ellis, Mari Associate Director, Marketing and Communications mari.ellis@wayne.edu 313-577-7984 106 Cohn
Frommann, Gertrud RN, CNS, CEN Simulation Nurse bp1258@wayne.edu 313-577-0466 221 Cohn
Giles, Robert Coordinator, C2 Pipeline robert.giles3@wayne.edu 313-577-4602
Grace, Felicia Ed.D. Academic Services Officer felicia.grace@wayne.edu 313-577-7985 10.7 Cohn
Horwitz, Amanda Coordinator, C2 Pipeline amanda.horwitz2@wayne.edu 313-577-4602
Jackson, Tyrhonda Academic and Clinical Affairs Administrative Assistant tyrhonda.jackson@wayne.edu 313-577-4138 203.1 Cohn
James, Harvard Systems Administrator harvard.james@wayne.edu 313-577-8604 247 Cohn
Jenuwine, Elizabeth Research Technician aa8696@wayne.edu 324 Cohn
Kopka, Penelope Grant/Contract Administrator OHR penelope.kopka@wayne.edu 313-577-4134 349 Cohn
Leake, Tansi C2 Pipeline Grant Supervisor tansi.leake@wayne.edu 313-577-4602
Little, Christian Academic Services Officer and Recruiter christian.little@wayne.edu 313-577-0761  10.5 Cohn
Loh, Clinton OHR Assistant fs2410@wayne.edu 313-577-4135 317 Cohn
McCormick, Eric Systems Integrator eric.mccormick2@wayne.edu 313-577-3309 247 Cohn
Miner, Monika Director, External Affairs monika.miner@wayne.edu 313-577-4105 108 Cohn
Moen, Elizabeth Ph.D. Manager, Faculty Affairs and Support elizabeth.moen@wayne.edu 313-577-9492 102 Cohn
Neal, Donald Instructional Training Grant Project Manager en6396@wayne.edu 313-577-8605 325.3 Cohn Building 5557 Cass Ave. Detroit, MI  48202
Pauli, Dawn Director, Student and Alumni Engagement and Special Projects, Clinical Placement Liaison dawn.pauli@wayne.edu 313-577-4116 206 Cohn
Rossow-Rood, Lindsey Director of Philanthropy ab5537@wayne.edu 313-577-6967 131 Cohn
Salem, Kristen M.S.W. Academic Services Officer ksalem@wayne.edu 313-577-4119 10.3 Cohn
Seaver, Christine M.B.A. Family, Community, and Mental Health Specialist and Distance Learning Coordinator christine.rodemeyer@wayne.edu 313-577-1363 244 Cohn
Selva, Kathryn Associate Director of Information Technology gf1001@wayne.edu 313-577-4779 208 Cohn
Shanahan, Erin Research Assistant fb4723@wayne.edu 313-577-0178 357 Cohn
Sharma, Regina Associate Director of Philanthropy am4971@wayne.edu 313-577-6251 131 Cohn
Soave, Kelly Assistant to the Dean kelly.soave@wayne.edu 313-577-4104 114 Cohn
Williams, Tracy Budget Analyst II tracy.williams3@wayne.edu 313-577-2913 104 Cohn