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Aim Higher

Student Organizations

Student organizations aid in the development of personal and professional growth. By becoming involved in the professional organizations and sharing experiences with others, the student is able to broaden his/her outlook. Wayne State University, College of Nursing (CON) strives to foster a wide-range of support and leadership among its students. The CON student population, like that of the world, is varied and culturally diverse. Our organizations provide a variety of programs and extra-curricular activities with the belief that diversity among our community helps us to better understand the world in which we live and serve.

College of Nursing Council

The College of Nursing Council is composed of elected representatives of students and faculty. Its purpose is to reflect the concerns of the student members to the University and the larger community.

President: Chelsea E. Owen (email: cq6555@wayne.edu)
CNC email: wsu_cnc@wayne.edu

Future Nurse Professionals

Future Nurse Professionals is a learning community retention program aimed at preparing qualifying students for admission into the College of Nursing. For more information, see the FNP webpage.

Sigma Theta Tau International, Lambda Chapter

For more information, see the STTI-Lambda Chapter website.

Student Liaison (2014-16): Shirantha Kannangara
Email: dy1639@wayne.edu

President: Dorothy Hawthorne, RN, PhD
Email: drthyhwthrn@aol.com

Student Nurses Association

The mission of the Student Nurses Association of Wayne State University is to educate and empower students to be proactive in their nursing education and to help students succeed in their professional endeavors. The SNA provides social, educational, and volunteer opportunities to enable students to establish mutual and beneficial relationships with other nursing students and nurse professionals in the state and around the country.

President: Amanda Beyer
Email: dw3547@wayne.edu