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Nancy T. Artinian PhD, RN, FAHA, FPCNA, FAAN

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Interim Dean, Associate Dean of Research and Director of the Office of Health Research
(313) 577-4071 (Phone)
(313) 577-4188 (Fax)
Office Address

100 Cohn

Office Hours

By appointment.

  • BSN-Mercy College of Detroit, Detroit, MI
  • MSN-Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
  • PhD-Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
  • Postdoctoral-University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • ANCC: Board-certified Cardiac/Vascular Nurse, 8/01/2003 through 7/31/2008
Research Interests

Cardiovascular health promotion and risk reduction, testing interventions to promote hypertension and cardiovascular self care behaviors.

Current Research
Recent Research Funding:
  • Principal Investigator, Nurse-managed BP telemonitoring with African Americans. National Institutes of Health (R01 NR007682-04). $1,340,900, 2001-2006.
  • Minority supplement for R01 NR007682-02S1 for a graduate research assistant. $78,115, 2001-2004.
  • Co-Principal Investigator of the Center for Urban and African American Health (Flack J. M. PI), NIH/NIES, Grant #1 P50 ES012395-01, Award amount: $5.9 million, 2004-2008.
  • Principal Investigator, A Dyad Intervention With Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients, NIH/NIES, 1 P50 ES012395-01.

Current Research Funding:

  • Co-Investigator, Text Messaging to Improve Hypertension Medication Adherence in African Americans, AHRQ (R21 HS019092-01, Buis PI); 09/30/10-09/29/12; $297,224.00.
  • Co-Principal Investigator, Eating for Heart Health (E4H2): A Kiosk-Based Public Health Education and Primary Care Feasibility Study;  Wayne State University Cardiovascular Research Institute Award, Gleason-Comstock (PI); 10/01/10-9/30/10; $21,696.00.
Clinical Area of Expertise

Cardiovascular Nursing

Courses Taught
  • NUR 7350 Adult Critical Care Nursing I
  • NUR 7360 Adult Critical Care Nursing II
  • NUR 7370 Advanced Practice Nursing of Adults
  • NUR 7980 Master's Research Project
  • NUR 8150 Career Development
  • NUR 8302 Urban Health: Theory and Research
  • NUR 9980 Doctoral Research Project
  • NUR 9990 Doctoral Dissertation Research


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