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Financial Aid & Scholarships

The college and the university have scholarships, fellowships, traineeships, work-study programs and teaching and research assistantships available for both full and part-time students. A binder with College of Nursing scholarship information is available for students in the Office of Student Affairs, room 10, Cohn building.

The WSU Office of Student Financial Aid along with the Graduate School and the College of Nursing Office of Student Affairs, administer scholarships, grants, loans and emergency funds available to all university students and funds provided especially for College of Nursing students.

Application materials and deadline dates can be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs. The scholarships application is available to each admitted student from within their personal web page with the College of Nursing. From the top menu bar, click on Current Students and then click on Student Portal Login. When logging in, please use your WSU Pipeline access ID and password. 


Nurse Faculty Loan Program

WSU CON GAANN Fellowship

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Nursingexplorer.com (searchable scholarship database)

College of Nursing Scholarships

Thomas-Meadows Endowed Scholarship
Kathryn and Dennis Parrott Annual Scholarship
Barbara Lopetrone Ferrantino Scholarship
McVay End Doctoral Scholarship
John Helfman Nursing Scholarship
Barbara Zonca Scholarship
Cooper-Standard Auto Annual Scholarship
Parrott Annual Scholarship
Margaret Pieper Annual Scholarship
Freeman Annual Scholarship
Mabel A Wandelt R.N. Scholarship
Carolyn L. Rivers Annual Scholarship in Nursing
Wayne County Medical Society Auxiliary Scholarship
College of Nursing Alumni Scholarship
Professor M. M. Leininger Transcultural Scholarship
N. B. Fair Endowed Graduate Scholarship
Patricia Bloom Riley Endowed Scholarship
Health Partners, Inc. Endowed Scholarship
Hameister Family Endowed Scholarship
Vernice Davis Anthony Endowed Scholarship
Newell Endowed Scholarship
Baker Family Endowed Scholarship
Robertson Endowed Scholarship
Bess Haddad Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Beth Foster Endowed Scholarship
Alberta Dixon Wilkerson Endowed Scholarship
Dykes Endowed Scholarship
Keves Webb Endowed Scholarship
Busch Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Warren Endowed Scholarship
Jean Unger Endowed Scholarship
G. A. Colquhoun Memorial Scholarship
B. L. Murray Endowed Scholarship
M. E. Halvorsen Endowed Scholarship
Irene Evelyn Vogler Endowed Scholarship
Anne and Fred Simonie Endowed Scholarship
Burson Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Carol Peterson Rosso Scholarship
Walter and Katherine Steiger Endowed Scholarship
D. E. Reilly Memorial Endowed Scholarship
J. Taranto Endowed Nursing Scholarship
College of Nursing Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
Richard and Ruth Morrissey Endowed Scholarship
M. E. Cottle Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Paulette Perrone Hoyer Scholarship
Nurse Scholars Society Scholarship
Marcia D. Bain Memorial Scholarship